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THE GLITCH THING // EXPERIMENT #1 TWO TOWERS is an interactive projection mapping installation that allows the visitor to control the projection by moving his/her arms along with the body in the space in front of the two towers of the Castle of Montalbano, Sicily Italy. The images of the installation are generated in real time by those movements and create a unique and smooth flow of animation for each visitor, transforming him/her into participant and performer. The installation uses 3D sensor and motion analysis to track the visitor’s behavior and transform it into reactive abstract visuals with the help of VVVV. The interactive installation is developed by Antony Raijekov and supported by Trasformatorio #Zero.

Performance Alpha

A project involving Emanuel Andel & Antoni Raizhekoff (ThisPlay), Sara de Santis and Alberto Novello.

Another of the interesting collaborations that just happened in Trasformatorio number zero: the dance transforms into light, the tower of Montalbano’s Castle is morphed into a reactive light instrument, the sound flows from two small monitor speakers and the viewer fights within this setup to choose what to look at.

(We were all so mesmerized that there was little footage to be used. It will expand and transform. Thanks for sharing to Emanuel, Sara, Anton and Alberto…)

Un progetto che coinvolge Emanuel Andel & Antoni Raizhekoff (ThisPlay), Sara de Santis e Alberto Novello.

Un’altra delle collaborazioni interessanti accadute in Trasformatorio #zero: la danza si trasforma in luce, la torre del Castello di Montalbano cambia in uno strumento di luce reattiva, il suono fluisce da due piccoli altoparlanti e lo spettatore combatte all’interno di questa impostazione per scegliere cosa da guardare.

(Eravamo tutti straniti che ci fosse cosi’ poco girato da utilizzare. Si espanderà e trasformera’. Grazie per la condivisione di Emanuel, Sara, Anton e Alberto …)