Participant Artists T #1

Leela May Stokholm (DK/E)
Is an independant physical theatre maker, performer, improvisor, visual artist, traveller, mother, writer and teacher. She came to the Netherlands to study modern dance at the Modern Theatre Dance School in Amsterdam. In 2005 she graduated as a physical theatre maker and performer. She teaches at a.o. the Mime School, Theatreschool, Amsterdam and regularily at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht.
Leela May Stokholm (DK/NL) è un produttrice indipendente di teatro fisico, performer, artista visivo, viaggiatore, madre, scrittrice e insegnante. E’ arrivata in Olanda per studiare danza moderna al teatro della Scuola di Danza Moderna di Amsterdam. Nel 2005 si diploma come produttore di teatro fisico e performer. Insegna presso a.o. la Scuola di Mimo, Theatreschool, Amsterdam e regularily alla Hogeschool voor de Kunsten di Utrecht.

Elles Kiers (NL)
Elles Kiers lives and works in Groningen, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Minerva Groningen 1988 – 1994
Elles Kiers is an artist, designer and cook. For 10 years she combined with each other.
She makes sculptures and installations with food as material, starring performances with food and special dinners at special locations. Elles sows, sows, slaughter, pluck, and pour boiling and her work is not only the sensory experience plays a role, but also the social impact of the joint food and its origin.
Elles Kiers vive e lavora a Groningen Thundering
Nata a Emmen, ha studiato presso l’Accademia di Belle Arti Minerva Groningen 1988 – 1994
Elles Kiers è un artista, designer e cuoca. Per 10 anni ha combinati tra loro questi tre aspetti.
Fa sculture e installazioni, usando il cibo come materiale, allestisce spettacoli con il cibo e cene speciali in luoghi peculiari. il suo lavoro non è solo l’esperienza sensoriale ma gioca un ruolo importante anche l’impatto sociale che il cibo ha sulla comunità a partire dalla sua origine.

Gabriele Zaverio (IT/Palazzolo Acreide)
hacker, media artist and director of Museum of working computers
direttore Museo dell’Informatica Funzionante “We are the members of 3 different organizations: the Freaknet Medialab, the first italian organization to offer free access to email and internet, since 1994;, free software foundry and international network of Hackers since year 2000; Poetry Hacklab, a free software lab in Palazzolo Acreide, a small town 40km from Syracuse, famous for his natural heritage and his famous ancient Greek theatre. Artists, researchers, scientists and even simple amateurs all cooperate with us. Our activities are recognized all around the world and we are proud of being supported by UNESCO and the Free Software Foundation.”
Our project
“We decided to bring to life one of the projects we’re working on during 10 years of research and archiving: aMuseum of working computers, a place where people can, both physically and remotely via Internet, enjoy using historical computers, know their history, learn basics of electronic and computer science, and share a piece of our history. A place where to conserve, repair, preserve in digital format and share our heritage, made of hardware but also documentation, software, electrical schemes, books, manuals and media of various kind.”

Ida Hirfsenfelder (SL)  Digital Archivist at Moderna galerijaInitiator at RAMPA Laboratorij and Sound Artist at Theremidi Orchestra

Saša Spačal (SL) Artist at @ LJUDMILAArtist at Galerija Kapelica / Kapelica Gallery and Sound Artist at Theremidi Orchestra

Yara Mekawey (EG)
Born in Cairo, Egypt 1987 where she currently lives and works, She studied in the faculty of art education, and works in Video, Audio Art and composing electronic music, with interests in making a connection between the abstract symbols and human relationships in her art works.
Mekawei curated and performed in many artistic workshops, exhibitions and live performance events, one of the most important, her prize “Ahmed Basiony Prize” in The Salon of Youth 2011, she play her Video/Electronic Music Concert in Berlin 2012.

Mikko Laajola (FI)
Mikko Laajola (FI) is an artist-gardener and maker based in Helsinki. In the last years he has been organising electronic workshops within the collective Kokomys, and is a member of Piknik Frequency ry (organisers of Pixelache Festival). He is interested in open-source practices and exploring open-hardware technologies targeting sustainability issues. Since 2011, Laajola has led Pixelache’s video streaming and archiving. Laajola has also been actively working with lo-tech and experimental gardening systems, such as hydroponics, and hacking discarded household appliances to create more sustainable solutions, using recycled and waste materials. He is working towards social change and the development of self-organised education.

Kirsten Roosendal (NL)
independent writer, performer and founder of RoodNoot, theater collective in Utrecht. Lives in Belgium.

Claudio Klar Fender (IT)
Musicista e producer, vive a lavora nella zona di Siracusa

Vincenzo Arisco (IT)

Eva Polare (IT)
Performer, istruttrice di Yoga, esperta di Permacultura.

Manuela Trovato
Facilitazione e Ricerca per lo sviluppo economico locale at Anima Mundi and Facilitatrice e Formatrice at APE, Aula Permanente di Ecologia Past: Impact Hub Siracusa

Peppe Serchia (IT)
esperto di permacultura, facilitatore

Roberto Barbagallo (IT)
Esperto di permacultura e costruzioni, anima un esperimento di auto sussiustenza in provincia di Siracusa

Stefania Corallo (IT)
Materia viva activist and architect, expert in sustainable architecture

Cesare Melfa also known as “Don Cece’ di Iato” (IT)
Artist and “Abbe” at Architettura Ecosostenibile Past: Holonmusic432Hz 

Paolo Bonelli (IT)
Physicist and Meteorologist. Now he is a DIY and builds thermal solar collectors with recycled matherials and easy technology. He makes and tests electronic devices for environmental measurements and remote controls.
FISICO-Metereologo. Ora è un DIY e costruisce pannelli solari termici con materiali riciclabili e a bassa tecnologia. Costruisce e sperimenta dispositivi elettronici per misure ambientali e controllo a distanza.

Andrea Kantos (IT)
Andrea Kantos (real name Andrea Guaitoli Larsson ) has studied esotericism since 1990. In 2000 he left his artistic studies, and began a more metaphysical and meditative journey, focusing on cognitive sciences and then transpersonal psychology, gestalt, NLP, bioenergetics. In 2004, he began an ongoing project about War and the twentieth century regarding five big writers: The American Ezra Pound (author of The Cantos, from which Andrea Kantos took his stage name), the German Gottfried Benn and three Russian intellectuals (a poet, a writer and a scientist) Osip Mandelstam , Isaac Babel and Pavel Florensky. In 2010 he collaborated with a greeklebanese filmaker Georges Salameh for two animation. In 2012, he founded PaMaP Lab, a cultural association for the “mapping” of contemporary trends, artistic and social culture. In 2012 he also participated in ZAC, in the PaZAC project as project manager, and in several editions of Macerie as an artist. Macerie is a concept of artistic community wherein he works as project manager. In 2014 he is developing two projects: “The House of the Contemporary Culture Maps ” and Dimora OZs, permanent lab of art and performance.

Giulia Cappuccio (IT)
I was born in Vicenza, Italy, and i live in Siracusa. I’m a teacher, but i paint from the age of 2. I got my master degree at the Art Academy of Catania in 1993.

Victor Diaz Barrales (PER/NL) Software artist and hacker

Annabel Hesselink (NL)
Annabel Hesselink (1987) is a photographer / video-artist, based in Rotterdam

Faadi Galal  (EG)

Alaa Abdelhamid (EG)
Sculptor, media artist, born in Egypt is actually living in France.

Katarzyna Sitarz (PL)
Katarzyna Sitarz, born in Poland, is a dancer, performer, choreographer and movement researcher. She studied Slavic Studies at the University Wratislavia, Poland as well as dance and choreography at the Codarts / Rotterdam Dance Academy, Holland.

SARA DE SANTIS Sara De San­tis is a chore­o­g­ra­pher and per­former based in Ams­ter­dam. She obtained her BA in Anthro­pol­ogy at Uni­ver­sita’ La Sapienza and her MA in Chore­og­ra­phy at the National Dance Acad­emy, both in Rome. Dur­ing her stud­ies Sara began devel­op­ing her own work and since then she has chore­o­graphed sev­eral solos and group pieces. Mean­while, she worked for the Ital­ian dance com­pany Seneca/Caputo for four years. From 2009 till 2012 she col­lab­o­rated as a chore­o­g­ra­pher and dancer with the visual artist Klaus Ober­maier for The con­cept of Here and Now. She had the oppor­tu­nity to present her work in Italy, France, Poland, Ger­many and Hun­gary. At the moment she is work­ing on projects based on mem­o­ries and com­mon places.

“My prac­tice tries to ana­lyze how the envi­ron­ment as well as the cul­ture can influ­ence per­cep­tion and move­ment. Being an anthro­pol­o­gist, I believe that all one’s expe­ri­ences carve their life and there­fore their body. My body research is based on the skele­tal sys­tem. In this con­text the body becomes a tool that under­lines its own phys­i­cal limits.”

Emanuel Andel (Austria)
Emanuel Andel was born on the 13. November 1979 in Vienna, Austria. In 1994 he attendedthe higher graphical school in Vienna, at the higher department for photo- graphy & audiovisual Media, which he finished in 1999. At the age of 22 he started his studies at the Uni- versity of applied Arts and focused on “Visual Media Design” under the supervision of Peter Weibel and Tom Fürstner.
2003 Emanuel Andel and Christian Gützer foundedthe Art Group 5VOLTCORE and created works that deal with the behaviourof closed and formal systems and their manipulation. They showed theirworks at various festivals from Madrid to Tokyo and won the Transmediale Award in 2005.
Also 2005 Emanuel Andel organized a serious of events to encourage the culture of VJ’s in the in Vienna called “Equaleyes”. From 2005 to 2006 he spent a year squatting in London and studying at the Ravensbourne College of Communication. In 2006 Emanuel was co-founder of the media art documentation platform
2008 Emanuel Andel and Anthony Rayzekoff started up THISPLAY, a company dedicated to interactive presentation solutions.

Emma Knol (NL)
Volunteer help

Alberto Novello (IT)
Artist and musician, showed up


Ottavia Nigris (IT) actress was the production manager

Federico Bonelli (IT/NL) was there