FAQ: Trasformatorio LAB 2021

Why a LAB?

Trasformatorio is a Laboratory for enacting transformations.

A Laboratory, from medieval latin Laboratorius, a place/space/time to work in. Work is a term that has many meanings in our tradition. Is the work you do on yourself, the work you do for others, the work of the actor to possess his character’s actions upon the textual matter of the play. Work is what you do with presence, intent and quality.

Scope of the Lab?

Sharing, learning and devise techniques, dramaturgies, strategies and themes for XXIst century site specific arts.

Technical theme for Cosio 2021: “in presence, in absence, in between”

  • How to design, construct and perform for presence, in situations were part of participation is mediated by other than the body of the performer or of the participant.

What will I found in Cosio?

We created a context, a physical, inhabited place that is curiously reaching out to us for a short period of time. We create with what we find and what we take with us. We don’t enhact something we already know, we are explorers, observers, actors and experimenters engaged with the place to find a ghostly presence and be able to learn from that. Search before coming to Cosio D’Arroscia, reach out, scan the sources, dig the net, ask your friends, establish contact, test what context you can propose. Everyone of us is a bag full of colors and tricks, trust yourself and wait to use any of them. Walk, listen, observe, before interact. You will be there to find and transform not else.

There will be a place to set up our things and be together, a center to do our own kitchen and some tools, all the relations we can build and the network of trust we can engage. A team dedicated to help and facilitate interactions. There will be a final presentation, curated by Federico

And what I will not find in Cosio?

A production, a production line for your already conceived work, a container (either is a theater, a gallery, a stage with lights, generic technicians and gear, a standard sound system and so on). We work site specific and what we can carry ourselve or find on site. Our focus is onto enacting transformations. The magician makes his own hat. Any hat made by the magician is a magic one. We set out to learn our way to be magicians in the world.

What is the role of Federico Bonelli?

Federico takes care of keeping this situation consistent with the work every participant wants to do in the Lab, takes responsibility for the work, coordinates and, as everyone else, shares his findings in the most honest form possible. He has 30 years of experience and good eyes for coordination and tutoring. As he says “ask and it will be given”. He is not going to direct your work. He will take responsibility to direct the final showcase event and on that day will act to ensure the best possible situation for all works to be enjoyed by the participating audience. For that occasion his decision will be final.

Is there a budget?

In terms of money the answer is easy: NO. There is a lot of value around and we set out to find it. We believe that money is sugar, fast burned cheap energy. We set out to make a feast of a dinner, we need many ingredients, not only their caloric power in sugar cubes.

Trasformatorio in Cosio d’Arroscia is therefore co-produced by all participants The trasformatorio foundation, the village and the artists. This means that all participants will for the time of the lab, be as well members of the production, with full disclosure of the production value flows. Participation to the final performance will be free and any decision with eventual money spending or donations during the production period will be taken in a consensual way, at the circle of participants.

The eventual material products of the laboratory will stay property of the artist. All participants commit to release with open license the documentation of their work during the lab and to refer to Trasformatorio Lab in following presentations.

How am I accepted

You are accepted as participant upon a proposal for work, CV and intentions. The evaluation is made by the internal circle of facilitation and the artistic director. Your admission to the lab will be communicated by the organisation in a week from the closing of the call and the decision is final.

What I learn is free to replicate and use?

Trasformatorio is a learning community. Our methodology and processes are intellectual property of which Trasformatorio Foundation exerts stewardship as a no-profit organisation. Credit is always given. We believe in open knowledge so we do the same with our methods and flows. Is a problem of these age that the industry tends to appropriate knowledge elaborated by single individuals and communities for its scopes, devaluating honest work. We should protect the commons.

Is up to the author (represented or not by the foundation) to decide what to publish or not, to decide upon, and to declare under his own responsibility, if some experimental procedure can be described as part of a whole coherent methodology, to teach to others, for free or for a fee.

All will be produced during the lab by the foundation is to be licensed with open license by her upon publication, as stated in foundation statute, and to shared openly between participants.

Is up to to Trasformatorio to decide what and when to publish any documentation in her own name.

What you learn is your own to transform and we do not give out any certification, diploma or else endorse anyone to speak, perform or teach in the name of the foundation.

What I am expected to do?

We create the context and curate your presence there, in the sense of taking maximum care that the conditions for a gratifying research time will be met. You are expected to participate, reach out and communicate, do your best, learn and share what you know. We generally refer for historical reasons to some guidelines that you will find in the links below. Everything is commonly taken into consideration and discussed between pairs. There is never obligation to perform.

Rules of behavior?

The lab is a temporary community of peers, some of us have worked together and know each other, some not yet. Some travel from far. We cherish the richness of difference. To be together and form an effective temporary community is part of the work. Morning stand up circle is part of the work as well. Mutual respect and positive attitude a must. Non violent conflict resolution is part of a work that aims to be safe and challenging at the same time, to lay out too many rules of engagement would be only a way to hide he risks of human interactions. To be accepted in the lab you must have your own health insurance and sign a standard disclaimer of responsibility.

In any case you will be expected to behave as a responsible adult human being.

More references

You can find the text of the call following this link!