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Finally the call for the Trasformatorio Spring lab!

  • We look for art projects to be enacted with the territory remotely and on site at the same time.

The Trasformatorio Foundation launches her 2021 CALL. This is a two-stage residential call for projects.

  • We are looking this edition for explorers for new forms of art hybrid with respect to the presence. The presence of the author or the presence of the spectator. Or both. Artworks that inhabit the hybrid space that is connected via technology or feelings.
  • When we try to connect to each other without being able to be close with the bodies, but we are living at the same moment; we experiment a new type of absence, full of synchronicity. Longing contact of remote clusters, or because of a pandemic, we experiment now a gradient of ways we experiment presence…
  • We are looking for artists who want to question themselves about their art and the role, being there with the people of Cosio, transforming the existing spaces with resilience, the evolution of feelings and situations, the exterior, the interior and the hybrid, personally felt and maybe technologically enabled landscape.
  • We look for artists willing to compete with interconnected or the totally isolated, or work to explore all the gradations between the two extremes in new forms of arts. Poems and poets of the interstice, hot (connected) spaces or cold (disconnected) ones… this is the call for you!!

We give you a remote Italian village, Cosio, its community, two moments of intervention:

  • 3 days of intensive workshop on hybrid and transformative art in absentia corporis in March / April
  • 10 days of work in presentia, with final performance throughout the village to be done as soon as possible (likely summer 2021).
    • The action is aimed at maximizing the transformation of the materials gathered in Cosio D’Arroscia and at sowing a different vision of its future.
    • The artistic intervention will be supported in presence and activity by the entire, beautiful, community of Cosio.

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Experimenting, producing and documenting interventions and formats of communication and poetic connection at a village level, for a hybrid art, incorporeal, impregnating and generated on the spot;

Broader scopes of the operation and research question:

  • How can we create a positive process of mutual exchange with a remote area without the presence of the body?
  • And will the result of this transformative process be something that can be seen / experienced in a meaningful way both in presence and absence?
First Congress of the Internationale Situationiste, Cosio D’Arroscia 1957

Where will we be?

  • the small mountain community of Cosio d’Arroscia is in the Italian region of Liguria,
  • 190 inhabitants
  • 1000 years of history
  • the natural and human landscape
  • An historical anti-relevance for the history of art: If you search for the name you will find notion of the first congress of the International Situationiste 1957

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  • The village administration and people
  • Trasformatorio foundation a non for profit organisation based in (Amsterdam)
  • Radio Antidoto an independent web experimental radio community born because of the pandemic that is open to experimentation and consist in a listening community of peer makers producers and listeners of radio flows

How to participate

If you think that this is the right endaevour for you, and you have wish to participate, participate to the selection contacting us via email at

  • a proposal of around 600 words with all you think is necessary in terms of media (sounds/drawings/photos/code) to illustrate the idea
  • a link to your art CV
  • Before march 8 2021 <—–

When will the two parts of the residency happen?

  • in absentia Spring Equinox 2021;
  • in presentia As soon as it is feasible (ideally summer 2021)

This will be a co-production

Co producing partners and owners of the operation will be the Trasformatorio Stichting, the Comune di Cosio D’Arroscia, and all participant artist.

How, What?

Provisory program of the first module “in absentia”

  • pre-production exploration: in collaboration with Radio Antidoto, we will be building bridges between the selected artists and the local community
  • a facilitation and production team will be both on site and remotely facilitating


  • operational visits and guided visits increased by a sensitivity from elsewhere
  • microblogging formats for radio and podcasts
  • microblogging / fanzine / socialderives
  • map a utopia
  • formats for sculptures interacting with sensors and data
  • enriched walks
  • empathic listening and remote theatre
  • hybrid formats (which nobody has thought of yet) for installations and live performances
  • theater in absentia corporis / actor – storyteller

Support site for the documentation of the interaction provided by trasformatorio and [radio antidoto] ( with open licence

Sprint “in absentia” (without being there)

  • first day analysis
  • second day: strategies for design and rapid prototyping interventions
    • storytelling and digital transformation, mixed techniques for multimedial installation, procedural artworks, sound landscape etc.
    • Experimental formats for hybrid and site specific arts
      • augmented treasure hunt
      • the research
      • a festival for ghosts
      • augmented derive
      • cosplay
      • village radio
      • sound art
      • storytelling and fairytales
      • how does the environment talk back?
      • digital ghosts and wind harps
      • antispecist approach to observation and poetical action
  • third day: collaborative art trasformatorio style, presentation of the first stage of the research
    • augmented twilight zones:mixed reality events

Second module: “In presentia”

The program of the “in presentia” segment of this laboratory will be specified after the evaluation of the experience of the first phase. It will start in Cosio and will evolve on the lay-lines of the previously planned activities, as planned during the embodiment part.

How to participate?

  • The invitation to participate is open to artists, media hackers and designers around the world.
  • send us a proposal with your basic idea as specified above. The best proposals will be selected to participate.
  • The deadline for projects is March 8 2021.
  • If selected you will be invited to participate in an open day of observation where the transformatory will introduce you to the community of Cosio
  • You will be connected with some places, people, stories that fit your proposal and helped to collect your materials for a research period of about a week before the sprint
  • You will be asked to participate to the full program of 3 days of remote residency where we will facilitate your transformative idea
  • On presentation day (end of March) the idea and the results of the first segment of the lab will be presented online and in Cosio

The second segment: “in presentia”

  • The residential lab on-site laboratory will take place as soon as the pandemic crisis makes it possible.
  • All the selected projects that participated in the hybrid workshop will be invited to participate free of charge to the site specific workshop, with covered room and board expenses.
  • The research laboratory consists of approximately 10 days of residency. It is organized together with the Municipality of Cosio d’Arroscia and co-produced by the aggregated participants of the Transformatory Foundation and with the artistic direction of Federico Bonelli .
  • The work of the laboratory will be documented by Trasformatorio and co-produced in a transparent way by all the participants, who will retain all the rights on the works created, including the right to withdraw them from the final presentation if they deem it necessary. The works will be exhibited both for remote use and in presence, and transformed iteratively Audience will be involved in the events and research, both in presentia and in absentia corporis in a flow of interconnected experimentation

Federico Bonelli, Amsterdam, 11 Febbraio 2021

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