date 20- jan 2021: 11:00 CET Notes taken by fredd at the NGI SALON Event organized by Rob Van Kranenbourg. A all female, very high

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A Fuzzy Journey II – 矇眬之旅

(continues from “A Fuzzy Journey”, talk given on January 10) PART TREE We have explored together these “exquisite corps” in form of questions (and you

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A Fuzzy Journey – 矇眬之旅

Notes from a talk organized by The “706 Digital Nomad” project for the Third Salon, held online the 10 January 2021 So if Digital Nomads

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Trasformatorio foundation

The Stichting Trasformatorio, a not-for-profit foundation established in the Nederlands in 2020 to associate all the participants of Trasformatorio and house their past and future projects. It is the body that will produce the LAB and participate to financing projects by applying to calls and tenders. Is in the scope of the foundation to select, write, produce and disseminate tangible results and past field work of trasformatorio.

The foundation is responsible to keep together the archive of projects and communicate about the activities of the lab, of the members and other relevant bodies involved in her activities.

The Board of the foundation is responsible by law of the correctness, coherence and ethical validation of the activities as stated by the law of the netherlands were the foundation has been incorporated.