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Trasformatorio foundation

we grow communities

Trasformatorio is a FOUNDATION

The Stichting Trasformatorio, a not-for-profit foundation established in the Nederlands in 2020 to associate all the participants of Trasformatorio and house their past and future projects. It is the body that will produce the LAB and participate to financing projects by applying to calls and tenders. Is in the scope of the foundation to select, write, produce and disseminate tangible results and past field work of trasformatorio.

The foundation is responsible to keep together the archive of projects and communicate about the activities of the lab, of the members and other relevant bodies involved in her activities.

The Board of the foundation is responsible by law of the correctness, coherence and ethical validation of the activities as stated by the law of the netherlands were the foundation has been incorporated.

The board is currently composed by: Prof. Marco Pasi (UVA, Amsterdam), Prof. Haytam Nawaar(AUC, Cairo), Prof. Avv. Chiara Dona’ Delle Rose (Venice and Palermo), DR. Walther Haaswijk (Amsterdam), Dott. Ing. Raffaella Rovida (Copenhagen).

Trasformatorio is a LAB:

  • that sets up an international learning community in an area for a temporary art project
  • that fosters the production of site specific arts
  • that opens to a growing network of systems and people that whats a different type of technology that makes again nature and human care one of each other
  • that experiments different practices and cross pollinating strategies between the land, the people, the arts and the larger world

The LAB is temporary, sets himself very lightly in a space, produces artworks, research and collaboration between artists, hackers, designers, scientists and the civil society

The LAB always closes with a performance participated by artists, the inhabitants and the visiting audience.

Our methodology is inspired by performance, post-dramatic theater, agile development, permaculture, visual arts and contemporary participatory design practices.

The LAB participates in projects that aim to develop remote areas, innovate arts and science alike favoring the informed exchange between multiple languages and involving all stakeholders; restore community and environment together and form operators for common oriented projects.

Trasformatorio is a NETWORK

Composed by the trasformatorio LAB participants, the institutions we partner with, the board and the active members of the LAB. We look for partnerships and offer a fair share of resources in a transparent way.

How do we work

We think that art is about transformation.

We think the future has to be designed by everyone through active imagination

Such process should transform exclusion into inclusion, remote areas into restorative ones, exploitation into cooperation, tourism into collaborative caring for the environment and the heritage, work into active cooperation and scale economy into a multitude of resilient and sustainable actions toward the common goods.

We do believe in imagination, and as such we use and adapt available technology to showcase, co-design and invent new tools for innovative practices.

We design, equip and realize situations were transformation can happen

We collect tactics from art, science, design practices and perform the transformations we find possible, leaving behind mutual knowledge, new bonds, stories for more positive narratives that are apt to create a nucleus for further actions of community building and social growth.

If you want to know more you can refer to the white paper “The Trasformatorio methodology”

In the past years we have developed some instruments for growing communities:

  • Le Grand Jeu (, a open game that on boards to the principles of circular economy, complementary currency and imaginative resilience
  • Radio Antidoto (, a free streaming/FM radio format for community radio
  • Human Centric Bootcamp an imaginative lean cycle of boot camps were human centric values can be the focus of growing new form of enterprises in tech. This has been developed within the H2020 project LEDGER ( for NGI-Ledger)