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chaos as a story

Exercises with chaos is the temporary title of a meeting and a performance that will happen in the mountains between Liguria and Piemonte around this summer solstice.
The idea is to work out a dramaturgy for the woods and set it up in the wonderful area that we have surveyed last year for an audience.

Chaos, as intended by trasformatorio, is a moment for intuition to act, for self organization to be enacted, for life to get meanings in unexpected ways, for art to shine in unexpected forms and energize transformations.

We look for performers, musicians, dancers and other types of artists, either former “trasformatoristas” or newbies, to participate to the production.

You need to be able to live and operate in the woods being your own grid, to perform and enjoy risk and guided improvisation for a week. Moreover is an adventure and an experiment, so the value will hardly be an economical one. Any money made will be shared in transparent ways, and the scope is to learn and live more than to sustain our normal life.

Federico will be mastering the chaos at his best all the rest is process.

For putting forward your name write to him (or wait he contacts you).