Activities, Trasformatorio 2023

2023 – Val Pennavaire

Next Trasformatorio Lab will start this July with getting closer to the objective. Public activities are planned from 10 to 16 July and are in a wonderful and well hidden area of the Maritime Alps, between Liguria and Piemonte, traced by a river, the Pennavaire, and populated since the prehistoric times…

The Lab will have both, as is our custom since 2021, a “in presentia” and a “in absentia” program, pushed through by the collaboration of the veterans of the long standing 2020 Lab radio and new participants that want to try themselve out in the “zone” of hybrid immaginative space formed by streaming media and connected performance.

Theme of this year practice for the 15+ artists reaching the zone in presence is an investigation of chaos and improvisation, with and without media, and completely off the grid. Our presence has to be light, integrate in the landscape, ready to any weather and open to any type of audience. We will keep you posted offcourse about the results of the experiments.

We decided to keep the door open for proposal on the “in absentia” participation.

We would like to suggest to subscribe to the low traffic channel to be notified about program times, start and stop and ways to participate as listeners of connected performances or else.

All in person shows will be free of charge but, since trasformatorio 2023 is a no-money co-production between participating artists we are open for donations in solido and barters.

Meet us on site, in the val Pennavaire from 10 to 16th of July 2023 for more info and press release