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Trasformatorio 2017 – Cristiano Siri


An almost abandoned village, the legend of a glorious woman, the human condition.
“Uphill” is the result of an exploration of the intersections and the resonating pattern among these elements.
Scaletta Zanclea, Macalda, us.
We have birth and we often struggle about what we found out there waiting for us.
We are depicted in a certain way, they pave for us roads we don’t recognize as ours.
We are thought as the solution to others’ lives, problems, psychosis.
Even our actions are reinterpreted according to a culture we did not contributed to shape.
How can we reclaim our authenticity then?
How can we unchain us?
Which are the consequences?
Can we really do that?
Are we courageous enough?
“Uphill” is a site-specific performance by Cristiano Siri that mix physical theatre, poetry, dance, music and videos beating hard around these questions.

sCristiano; we are going to walk up! Up is the way! In the dark!
Cristiano knows how to walk. Much better than me. And he trusts only his own experience. So does not want to walk in the dark. I respect that but disagree. Sometimes you must put yourself out of your comfort zone. I had done the road before, yet no other knows, and he does only trust himself.
But Cristiano also feels the presence of subtle “matter”, the matter of wich bonds and dreams are made. I see him a few days later. On the top of the wall, in the wind, and the wind is strong as the tower foundations, as the mountain and as the island. I feel frail, not him. As his words were strong. Strong words tree time repeated. When I heard the poem for the first time I shivered. I think we all did. Was a great performance, a generous act. “In salita”. Uphill.

the wall up




Featured artist May 2015: Gandolfo Gabriele David

Gandolfo Gabriele David is a Sicilian artist and designer I met in Palermo in 2014.

His talent is to invent and devise actions that transform a site integrating as well images, people with their intentions and stories and landscape with its natural processes. His pieces appear into the landscape as processes and at the same time represent it, wile, at the same time, are acting to cause a bundle of different complex energies to become manifest.

  • "Ricucire la Terra" presentazione del Workshop, con Andrea KAntos
  • "Ricucire la Terra"
  • Pane!
  • Gibellina
  • Pane! a installation in Salemi (detail)
  • Ricucire la terra; Making off
  • Pane Workshop
  • Pane! Design, 2014
  • OSEA 2 time after the opening
  • ISSEA The module
  • Osea in Gibellina

This is proper of a art that is busy with transformations, as such is interesting for trasformatorio as well.

The first installation I saw of Gabriele was only in pictures, is OSEA 2, was set up for the Gibellina contemporary art open air museum close to the famous Cretto di Burri.

There Gandolfo designed and composed an image using old barley seeds directly on earth and asking people to fill the shape. Little by little birds and ants dissolved the piece in front of viewers of the opening ceremony literally “seeding back” the landscape.

In another work, called OR-I-OR and that I had the chance to see wile I was in Palermo last autumn guested by Dimora OZ, Gandolfo gathered around a circle, drawn on earth in front of the Museo Riso in Palermo, 60 people; each one with a bag and a story regarding earth. Earth from associations that put to use properties confiscated to the mafia, urban gardeners, people that used to have a piece of earth of their family in their memory. All together, sharing stories and a bag full of earth. They all composed in a long and intense ritual a shape that stayed for days in front of the museum putting all those earth together with a moving effect. A piece of striking beauty that will remain forever, together with stories and people in my memory.

Gandolfo approach to art has a personal angle, an eye that puts us close. He wants to design in a horizontal and participatory way. And his design is beautifully simple, functional, and magically helps release the most positive energies. Stories made into actions that are often inexpressed in our society. As for example in “Pane”, were he involved some refugees from a “boat people” camp in Salemi to draw with him a new shape of votive bread. Here the local and century old tradition of altar pieces made in bread evolved in a design that literally puts together many breads to composes a new shape and acquires a strong, and immediate symbolic value.

A new work has just been presented in Alcamo, and closes with a workshop of the Project “Creative LAB” initiated by the contemporary art foundation. Here Gandolfo re introduces, in a lovely manner, another element of the local disappearing traditions. He invites it to a context were “makers” and art lovers alike “drool with glowing eyes”. The experience and dexterity of the embroiderers of Alcamo becomes the center of this reinterpretation of OSEA_2, as if, in a game with mirrors and stories, design and matter has to transform from one media to another.

The concerted nature of the project and the workshop does not center only on craftsmanship, but explores the relational level in the research of Gandolfo that wants to connect places and people, traditions and contemporary languages. His idea was “ to bring on canvas installation born as a work of land art, coming from the image of a cracked earth, a wound on which to intervene with an act of love” to its loving end.
So he invited the embroiderers of Alcamo to take charge of all these previous suggestions and to create a work of sacred character, that refers directly to the altar panels that adorned the altars of the churches of Sicily.

This project relied on the delicacy of a feminine gesture, a sensibility that is also proper to Gandolfo, that becomes symbolic of the “necessary work of mending the fractures made by the predatory violence of modern civilization”. Fractures in the landscape that includes humans and plants, animals and things and the stars above.

The technique of the ‘rete a tulle’, is a technique that provides for the slip-off of the plots and the construction of a string that points out and locks the design before embroidery, and was a decision taken collectively in the first phase of the workshop. The panel, made during the workshop. It has been completed, as a performative act of delicate and horizontal nature, during the opening evening last week.


  • Vincenza Rimi, drawing on fabric
  • Piera Pirrone, cord and embroidery
  • Giuseppina Raneri, sfilatura and embroidery
  • Rosetta Martorana, embroidery
  • Francesca Milazzo, embroidery
  • Antonella Beninati, embroidery
  • Antonia Gabellone, embroidery and lace pillow
  • Franca Gargaglione, crochet

About Gandolfo’s installation OSEA you can download a photobook here.
He can be found via the super active co-working etherogenous group “Dimora OZ” in palermo.

Trasformatorio #0

La prima edizione di Trasformatorio , Trasformatorio#0, si e’ svolta dall’ 1 al 14 Aprile 2013.

Professionisti e studenti provenienti da vari paesi hanno partecipato ad una settimana di workshop e ad una di residenza.

Partecipanti: 14 Italiani, di cui 7  Siciliani, 3 residenti in Olanda e 1 residente in UK, dall’Austria (4), dall’Olanda (4), Inghilterra (1), Bulgaria (1) e Slovenia (2).

Le attività svolte durante le due settimane hanno visto e prodotto:

Workshops e laboratori:

Sviluppo e applicazione del lavoro site-specific. Questa ricerca e’ risultata in un prodotto ad hoc,  sviluppato in base alle esigenze del luogo, delle persone, e dell’ambiente (inteso come spazio antropologico) di Montalbano Elicona.

La ricerca si è sviluppata intorno al concetto dell’ eco-sostenibilità, attraverso l’esplorazione degli strumenti tecnici, trovando una trasformazione degli stessi per arrivare ad un impatto ambientale il più possibile vicino allo 0.

Presentazioni, conferenze, dibattiti, spettacoli e installazioni:

Le esplorazioni artistiche dei vari partecipanti sono state presentate in diversi modi ad un pubblico variegato, tenendo conto del contesto e dello stato di avanzamento dei vari progetti.

Raccolta di cibo e materiali necessari alla permanenza nel luogo di lavoro e laboratori sul cibo:

Questa attività si è rivelata collante tra Traformatorio e la comunità locale, creando una rete di collaborazione con gli abitanti di Montalbano Elicona.

The first edition of Trasformatorio, Trasformatorio#0, took place , took place from 1st till 14th April 2013.

Practitioners and art students from various countries participated to one week of workshops and one week of residency.

Participants were coming from Italy (14; of whom 7 Sicilians, 3 residents in the Netherlands and 1 resident in UK), from Austria (4), from the Netherlands (4), UK (1), Bulgaria (1) and Slovenia (2).

The activities in those two weeks contained:

Workshops and laboratories:

Application and development of personal skills on site-specific performance . This is a research  was conducted with the ethic of exchange, responding to the specific environment (= people, history, space) of Montalbano Elicona.

Technical research on sustainability; an exploration of tools that can be used for site-specific performances, helping to create a theatrical transformation with the most limited damages to the environment.

Research presentations, discussions, speeches, performances and installations:

The practitioners’ explorations were presented to different audiences, in multiple ways, according to the content, character and state of development of ideas and performance material.

Establishing the basics, gathering food and all other material necessities:

On the locations where Trasformatorio was working and living. This very basic practical activity was considered and worked out as one of the means of ‘mapping’ the place. It worked as a key aspect for integrating with the local community and as a simple social glue between participants.