Documentation, Trasformatorio#0 follow-up

“In Absentia”: follow up project at RoodNoot (Utrecht)

“In absentia” was performed by Sara De Santis the 22nd of November, in “tafels 221113” an event hosted by Roodnoot.

I have been invited by Kirsten and Wouter to jump in this RoodNoot project called “tafels van roodnoot”, that means “tables”. The project is about sharing paths and inspiration wile sharing also some time in the gorgeous space they have in neighborhood of Utrecht. With Kirsten we spent some time telling ourselves stories, and that became a drawn scheme made by me that we kept and a dramaturgical scheme for a 20′ travel into her imagination for Sara de Santis that performed along the lines I gave her or that we summoned together from the drawings.
I was supercurious about the event because I was not there, being busy in Norway that day. That is why the event name is “in absentia”. We made it as a empty space were someone (me) is not there. Some pictures of the event that was a glimpse of transformation in the making, made by Baldwin Henderson.

Roodnot-Trasformatorio follow up projects will continue ’till march with flows of ideas and sharing practices around dramaturgies, storytelling and aspects of sustainable performance. (get more from their website: and continue in Montalbano in April.

Thank to Baldwin, to Sara, Kirsten and RoodNoot. I still have to gather back the  messages you that were there wrote about the performance. And respond to each one of you, as it will be clearer from next table… but I want’ say much more yet.

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