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meteo DIY
meteo DIY

Paolo Bonelli, a member of the group in Trasformatorio 2014 and a atmosphere physic is since sometime developing in Milan a project called “CoScienza Ambientale”.
the aim of the project is to put research and develop tools for DIY weather monitoring and forecast and to check air and water quality. The project aims to create tools that range from the barometer to the geiger counter with simple arduino based projects.
But not only. Aimed to develop also scientific and experimental attitudes in kids the project is12037994_890664484333329_5593345883808586961_n now extending into basic meteorology and other types of instruments. Last incarnation is a workshop were the task is to realise weather forecasts and realise instruments to do so.
Check also the page of the Aretha Project, a thermo-solar system easy and cheap to build and maintain that he build in trasformatorio and is now at its third version…

Aretha Italian page:
Meteo workshop: