Documentation, Trasformatorio 2017

Alluvione – Azucena Sanchez

Installation: Dry cactus leaves and tuna dye

Alluvione was made out of memories from tragedy, hope and nostalgia. A great flood in 2009 made an impression in the people from Scaletta and its landscape. One afternoon spent with any of them will allow you to feel the fear, shock, and respect people have towards nature, which always reminds us it cannot be controlled. Nostalgia because the cactus brought back to me memories from my country with a beautiful reminder of hope. The cactus has a slow and beautiful process of decadence, with the right timing, one can find traces of their inner structures dried out. Many of these leaves were specifically selected and dyed with the natural pigment of the fruit from the same plant, tuna. Later on, they were joined one after another to create a line which symbolises tears. Alluvione was placed in a specific site of the castle tormented by air, as a reminder of the flood and the unstoppable trace and force of nature.

From the artist statement 

Azucena work proceeded from familiarity and observation. Her sensibility transformed her findings into textiles, into the coral reef, into food, and memories. Left flying on the castle tower until has been cut out, by a knife, in the morning sun.