Documentation, Progetti/Projects, Trasformatorio 2021

Fili di Discorsi

An interactive sculpture made from scrap metal that invites a playful dialogue on our relationship with nature

Chatter. Birds. Rondoni. Swifts. Marien. Zanetti. Homage. Something lasting. Fragile and sturdy at the same time.  Lingering yet prone to be deteriorated by the elements.
Opinions. So many. Talk. Listening. Voices. Thoughts.  Souls. Years. History. Places. Time. Ages. Traditions. Policies. Changes. Stagnations. Eras. Societies. Traditions. Gossip. 
Romans. Towers. Houses. Abandonments. Livelihoods. Professions. Banks. Soldi. Money.
Connections. Assumptions. Ideas. Sentiments. Speculations. Judgements. Viewpoints. Speculations. Hearsay.
Presumption. Attitudes. Reactions. Sentiment. Discourse. Slant. Guesses. Suppositions. 
Axioms. Aphorism. Moral. Truism. Tenet. Canon. Persuasions. Presumptions.
Blather. Calumny. Meddling. Grapevine. Buzz. Chitchat. Back-fence talk. Defamation. Babble. Small talk. Scuttlebutt.
Clothesline. Dreams. Love. Lust. Cherishes. Bulletins. Curricula. Chatter. 
Birds on a wire. All of us.
Of all times.

Art installation at Via C. Colombo #5, in Cosio d’Arroscia. Under the Roman tower and the old bank.

This is a homage to Marien van Oers, the people of Cosio, the Situationists  and our reaction to their earlier presence  there.

It can be seen as a subtle and modest piece, in a seemingly forgotten intersection with an oh so important past. A location not to be forsaken. The Roman tower, the vault. 

To ponder and to muse the chatter of people, good and bad. In silence yet so loud if we’d be able to hear all the talk, uttered throughout time, together at once. 

Passing time and lost traditions yet the rondoni (swifts) return every year in a flock, to the tower.

Fili di Discorsi is a site-specific installation with materials found in abandoned houses combined with pre-designed sketched figures. Sheet metal, inox wires, bolts, found flax rope, iron strings, rods, a stone and a knob.

– Dierck Roosen