What have we being doing in Scaletta?

Trasformatorio is an international laboratory focusing on practices related to site-specific performance. Is an initiative from 2012 by Federico Bonelli and is part of dyne.org since 2016.

It’s objective is to integrate the practice of the Hack-lab with the research over performative arts, artist fuelled innovation and sustainability.

To do so Trasformatorio relies on an integrated approach, experimenting with artistic methodologies in a co-design setting, crafting activities according to an ever-changing situation and maintaining a multidisciplinary approach. Since 2016 Ttrasformatorio is part of the experimental research projects hosted by dyne.org, an international foundation and think (and do) tank based in Amsterdam.

From the perspective of an artist group Trasformatorio intends to develop research, production, and distribution of media rich performances, with innovative technical, dramaturgical and artistic contents; envisioning new solutions to integrate sustainable technology in arts. From a social research and innovation perspective, Trasformatorio laboratory aim is to create contexts of translation for empowering methods of co-design with founding and practices coming from film, multimedia, and theatrical production themes. Sustainability through which viewers are confronted with themselves and the landscape creates the pool of stories and the design framework. Shows and performances along with Trasformatorio can be prepared and delivered in any context, even off theater and off electricity grids. Shows and performances integrate a practice aimed to inclusivity, respecting the environment and human elements that interact with them. As such the Trasformatorio is set to be a temporary activity between peers in a remote location, in close contact with the inhabitants, their environment, and historical context.  Has been iterated 3 times (2013, 2014 and 2017) in remote areas of Sicily.

Trasformatorio is reserved to professionals, artists, actors, musicians, designers, architects, set designers, video/filmmakers, photographers, students of applied arts, theater studies and fine arts. An equal number of spaces are reserved for Sicilian Artists.

The laboratory is held within the territory that explores, in harmony with the human population, the natural ones and the architectonics that hosts him. This edition will be held in Scaletta Zanclea, in conjunction with the local administration that houses us, using the “Borgo” and the Castle tower “Rufo Ruffo”.

Why is relevant?

  • Because the languages and topics of performance, when connected at the same time with technological development and the essence human and natural landscape teaches us important lessons about the future we want.
  • The lab contributes creating group bonds, a good overview of the territory, technical solutions that are tested on the field, and a series of narratives that are co-owned with the territory Trasformatorio operates onto, that are used for the general communication from the beginning on.
  • The quality of the documentation and of the communication material is higher than the usual.