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Mose’ Previti – Sorrisi Giampilieri

L’acqua che tocchi
è la prima di quella che sei
e dopo, come sei?

Antico come il greco
che sta nelle nostre ginocchia
che portano tra le nostre vecchie case

L’acqua calda è indifferente
come questo tempo
che ama i nostri capelli
i nostri capelli bianchi
come le nostre ossa
più forti della notte densa
che scorre sotto il nostro passo incerto
ma che non si stanca mai

La Madonna americana
con tutto il suo amore
non può crollare mai
la nostra sveglia
già canta tra l fontane
il filo che scivola
e ancora filo abbiamo raccolto
abbiamo cucito

La nostra festa
coi fiori che aprono il cemento
è vita come acqua
non si può fermare mai
i nostri sorrisi Giampilieri

The water you touch
it’s the first of what you are
and after, how are you?

Ancient like the Greek
that is in our knees
that lead between our old houses

Hot water is indifferent
like this time
who loves our hair
our white hair
like our bones
stronger than the dense night
flowing under our uncertain pace
but that never gets tired

The American Madonna
with all his love
She can never collapse
our alarm clock
already sings among the fountains
the thread that slides
and stille thread we have collected
we have sewed

Our party
with the flowers that open the cement
it is life like water
you can nver stop
invincible our smiles Giampilieri

Testo e musiche: Mosè Previti
Voce: Rosaria Sfragara
Special thanks to Giulia Deval, Hansko Visser, Gabriele Zaverio, Claire Ducène for music and smiles.

All sessions recorded during TRASFORMATORIO 2018, Giampilieri, Sicily, from 20 to 30 April 2018.

“Sorrisi Giampilieri” fa parte del disco Adesso Premium

Mose’: Sono uno storico dell’arte e un creativo. Ho scritto articoli, saggi, libri, cataloghi d’arte, soggetti per documentari, pubblicità. Ho organizzato concerti, eventi culturali e mostre. Ho curato e curo diversi blog, gestisco pagine e contenuti sui social per progetti creativi. Musicista e paroliere, nel 2009 ho fondato i Big Mimma world music band sperimentatrice di suoni e linguaggi contemporanei.
Arte e creatività devono essere presenti nella vita di tutti gli uomini, sia come espressione di una compiuta e consapevole libertà individuale, sia come rigoroso metodo di lavoro.

ENG: I am an art historian and a creative. I wrote articles, papers, books and art catalogues, subyects for documentaries and advertising. I organised concerts, cultural events and exhibitions. I curated and cure blogs,pages and other creative content on the network. I am a musician and a text writer, in 2009 I founded the BIG MIMMA, world music band, that experiments with sounds and contemporary musical languages.
Art and creativity should be present in every person life, both as a expression of a free activity than as a rigourous methodology of work.

Trasformatorio 2017 – Presentation Day (part one)

Documentation Notes
Presentation Day, 30 April 2017.

Some of the works have been presented this day. Some took shape during the presentation itself, as guided, inspired improvisations, till everyone entered the rooms of the tower, in pitch black that night, and got guided by their refined senses. Those documentation media and stories in a different butch.

The day started early, with a wounded falcon escaping a cat, under the bridge of the train, close to the sea. We tried to help but also fear that our intervention could have been disruptive. Maybe another sign from the spirits of the place. The sea gate was guarded by Horus? Or by the cat? The Falcon lately disappeared without any trace.
We went on eating some of the sheep that Eugenio the village butcher sacrificed in our honour. She cooked 7 hours in the wood oven behind his living room/shop. Another 7.

But officially all started as we took care of a group of people from Scaletta, as they came with us on the old path from the sea to the tower, a path that some of them did not step upon since 30 years.

The ascent was steady till the “Batteria” (Battery, both for cannons that to refuel our own), were the dancing stones from Nina Divitschek and Almud Krejza were waiting for us. Powerful poetry was repeated over and over, read from a strip of paper by Dierk Roosen in dutch language. And was translated by the Mother of RE, suddenly, with her german/sicilian incredible voice.
Then, after our offer, some asked to be blindfolded. We had brought too few bandages but improvised some more. And so, lead by friends, or family,  as they could see with other senses.
The passage through the old empty houses towards the end of the path was enriched with names of forgotten people. The “Cascionara”, an old lady that used to sit close to the st. Paul memorial image. People that n not o one talked about since long.

We arrived up, to the church. And up again to the castle.

The images in the gallery refer to what has happened in the castle thereafter. These gallery images are taken by Irene Dominguez that was indefatigable during these days. They are (as all content here) cc Attribution-ShareAlike licenced.

More stories soon.

  • Glasses+water+stones+candles
  • Dierk Roosen testing the interactive map and the projection for "Macalda"
  • the heads of the victims in the second room of the tower, bottom up.
  • Nino testing the air
  • Cristiano Siri in the strong wind, testing his performance
  • fredd hacking the player for Siri's performance
  • analogic techno sound set
  • Dierk Roosen at work, hacking the player...
  • Cristiano helping to test the beamer
  • the alter, or the sieve, Martina Caronna and Valeria Cristelli helping out
  • offertorio al vento
  • the cave before the ritual
  • the cave
  • the chapel room the day of the presentation, 30 of april, traces of all interventions made in previous days... nothing is left to chance.
  • offers
  • Zoe Romano, looming the window, installation.
  • Zoe Romano
  • high views high hopes
  • a strange, overpopulated, game of chess
  • more mirrors
  • Servando Barreiro setting up the ecoes in the memory room. The foot of the elefant is a found object on site. Took a wile to make peace with those hunting memorabilia...
  • Nino "nignux" and his mirror
  • setup, Servando Barreiro portable musical palace
  • the view and the sea and the battery
  • wind
  • Koba setting up the staircase maze
  • windy
  • people start populating the castle
  • sky + birds
  • memorabilia in plastic, Object trouve, take what you want.
  • the entrance, Koba. Bend your head thou that enter here.
  • Visitors and Martina in the middle of it cannot hide
  • Visiting we had happy people, and everyone is king, so the spirit of Frederic seems to suggest, the war between the church and the empire is over.
  • Nella grotta, installazione e rituale vuoto, RE, Morgana, Bonelli
  • Vittorio Bellanich
  • Stones from the sea, as forgotten stories. Graphite drawings on stones brought up by hand. Giulia Cappuccio
  • wind
  • Empty Ritual under the observance of the village priest. Irene reads her poem.
  • empty ritual, Irene Dominguez and Martina Caronna
  • Setting up, Azuchena Sanchez
  • Macalda Installation
  • Macalda installation
  • visitors in the tower during day
  • Macalda plays chess? A metaphore of survival.
  • Rosaria Sfragara
  • Matthew re-harmony
  • Memory Room, performance, Rosaria Sfragara, MAtthew Re-HArmony, Servando Barreiro
  • no banners today in the chapel. Installation
  • macalda
  • evocation of our fighting spirit
  • visiting the intern of the castle
  • Macalda, interactive installation
  • castle interior, installation
  • Irina Baldini/ Dierk Roosen, projection
  • Projection, part of Cristiano Siri Performance on the wall
  • the forest surrounds the tower, the shadows fight with the lights.
  • Irina Baldini dancing with the tree from Koba.
  • Irina Baldini dancing with the tree from Koba. And the trees will come out of the forest to tear down the castle walls...
  • Martina Caronna improvising with Koba's tree

Trasformatorio#0 in 4′


… something about trasformatorio…

from casa faranda
to the castle
meet il maestro
and greet la signora in nero
touch to get in touch
and don’t miss argimusco

g* franziska

… qualcosa sul trasformatorio…

da casa faranda
al castello
incontra il maestro
e saluta la signora in nero
tocca per conoscere
e non perderti l’argimusco