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Radio Antidoto has a website

Hello People,

COVID-19 has not stopped us on our track, has obliged us to go back on old ones…
Radio is a outstanding way to communicate, not only when you listen to it, but when you make some.
We took this and founded radioantidoto, the radio to cure us from poison. Poisons are many. Most of them are made of words, contracts, social given, identity rules.

The radio is open. You want a spot to transmit? Ask and it will be given. You want to listen? Is free, streaming, pirate, uncensored. You only are asked to behave nicely.

Mostly in italian has become our pre-trasformatorio work, and does initiate huge transformation, so the door is open, any participation is relevant and free, the radio flows either you talk or listen.

il sito

Radio Trasformatorio feature Radio Submarine from Cairo, tonight 17:00 GMT


As a side event this month we will start a collaboration with Cairo based musician and producer Yara Mekawei.

She is going to broadcast from downtown Cairo her radio program with focus on new african electronic music. Is going to do it using on trasformatorio streaming radio. This is possible thanks to, a long standing service gives to activists and movement radios worldwide from more that 20 years.

You can ear the stream live from on the web or via the trasformatorio app made this year by August Black as a cotribution to the lab, on Android and iOS, just look in the stores with search word “trasformatorio”

Yara was artist in residence in Trasformatorio 2014.


Yara Mekawei

Radio SUBMARINE live on Trasformatorio Radio station
starting August 5th with an Interview with Cairo-based Musician ABADIR

Please join me for one hour every **Sunday at 17:00 GMT**

Live stream
Or download trasformatorio on Google store or trasformatorio app on IOS

For further information regarding the concept and follow up on the program

“Radio Submarine is an online broadcast program that streams around the world live sound art from different cities in Africa. The radio will first stream from Cairo and then move on to other cities. Radio Submarine will be covering different sounds, languages and daily activities that shape the African soundscape. My mission is to create an online radio that will allow the different sounds of Africa to travel to the rest of the world.”


Per Trasformatorio Aldo Cesar Fagà(alfa) ha progettato sei interventi, questo e’ stato esposto nella sala d’angolo del castello di Montalbano sia nella notte del 6 aprile che durante la presentazione del 13.



installazione di Aldo Cesare Faga’

Dai primi anni ottanta, tra le altre cose, studia la possibilità di creare interfacce di comunicazione uomo/animale e il mondo del vivente in generale in contesti condivisi, concetto teorizzato con il termine “Sistemi ecolutivi” unitamente all’idea di intercettare energie e frequenze elettromagnetiche provenienti da grandi distanze.

In questo progetto/esperimento realizzato con la collaborazione dell’Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare-Laboratori del Sud, si tenta una interazione tra i fruitori e gli animali la cui presenza in questo caso, viene rilevata nelle profondità marine dal laboratorio NEMO, al largo delle coste siciliane a 3500 metri di profondita’ collaborazione con scienziati che, cercando di rilevare le scie di neutrini si sono imbattuti nei cetacei. In questo “Osservatorio” Suoni e versi sono il ponte tra la biologia marina e l’uomo che viene coinvolto in una installazione immersiva individuale anche mediante l’ascolto in cuffia e in un contesto sensoriale ampio. Le frequenze delle emissioni sonore sono contemporaneamente tradotte da un software per visualizzare lo spettro di frequenze audio. Si ha una ulteriore spazializzazione fornita dal radar che localizza luogo di provenienza e tipologia della emissione sonora: umana o animale, tipo di animale e rumore da fonte umana, rilevando quindi anche la presenza di fonti di origine antropica.

INFN: Setting up sensors on the bottom of the sea

INFN: Setting up sensors on the bottom of the sea

Aldo Cesar Fagà (alfa)

Giorgio Riccobene,
Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare
-Laboratori del Sud



Radio Astronomy in the castle

Gabriele “Asbesto” Zaverio and Aldo Cesar Faga’ installed a short wave radio station in the castle, for listening the 0-30 MHz band and to try occasional transmission with radio amateurs in the world (Asbesto is actually a radio amateur, with callname IW9HGS).


The basic idea was to change the orientation plane of antenna installation, from vertical to horizontal; basically

…the antenna we made is not a traditional shortwave radio amateur dipole antenna; we choosed to shape it differently, using the castle terrain, posing it in an horizontal plane. Our antenna have 5 long wires for the positive of the dipole, and 4 for the negative one, so in total we have 9 wires crossing the main castle court.


A 1:1 Balun (a balance unit made by a ferrite core and some wiring) is used to adapt the antenna impedance to 50 ohm required by our radio equipment (ICOM IC-720A rtx, YAESU FRG-7 Communication Receiver, and MFJ-945E mobile tuner). 


So the antenna now is able to receive can i take ativan with benadryl also signal directly from the space, as a sort of radio astronomic observatory; we know that many things can affect  the reception of signals (for example, Jovian emissions), but this is exactly what we are looking for.

antarotPutting cables on site was a challenge, due to strong winds that affected all the work, complicating everything and, literally, freezing us! 

vento (AVI video, click to see / download)

We also had bad times due to hardware problems in our radio equipment; an integrate circuit for the band switching was burned. Alberto Novello, incredibly, had the right chip to fix the problem! 🙂 


Despite our weird choices, antenna seem surprisingly good both at receiving and transmitting on various frequencies.

We also set up an internet live stream, so now you can also listen what is receive by our station at this url:

Due to shortwave characteristics, the best listenings starts at the afternoon / night. 

We’re also working on other kind of installations so… stay tuned! 😉


Trasformatorio @the HUB

23rd of January 2013 — Radiolab  — Catania, HUB-corner:

Trasformatorio in cialis prescription not required the context of social projects and ideas