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follow up #0_
Fascinate Conference & Showcase 2013 – Falmouth University
several artists of Trasformatorio partecipeted to this festival: Emanuel andel;M. Eugenia Demeglio; Sara De Santis; Alberto Novello; Antoni Raizhekof

Federica Dauri collaboration with Guido Gaudioso during transformatorio has give as output a series of pictures that Guido is actively showing around. Same thing for a collaboration with Emanuela Ravida’. Emanuela has done some more site-specific work in the former prison of Rometta in June. We plan to get together again in Siracusa for some collective work in january/february.

Alberto has continued in the summer the work with Federica and Antony they started in Montalbano, with a residency in Amsterdam (STEIM and DANSMAKER).

Emanuel and Sara have worked together again in Wien and Italy, and Sara’s movement has been recently digitized in Frankfurt for a project called “the motion bank”.

Federico has given presentations of the work done at STEIM in Amsterdam (june), in Oslo and in Bergen during Piksel 13. He has kept collaborating with most of the artists involved, in particular with Federica Dauri, Alberto Novello, Elles and Sara.
His work has also given rise to a first output  in Utrecht with the Roodnot group in a small setup work called “in absentia” together with Sara and Kirsten for the “roondtafel” in November.

write to me your follow-up montalbano-related experiences and I will post them here!
federico (guess)