Documentation, Trasformatorio 2017

T 2017: First Program Draft

Trasformatorio 2017 topic will be “situation based street art”.

The program of the lab is designed to establish the ground work’s basics in Scaletta Alta and to lay lines of the surrounding, studying the site in relation to artist’s personal work and to begin transforming it through art interventions. Art interventions will be in the form of plans, of talks, rehearsals and any type of production related groundwork. Everything will be documented. As participants of the Lab Trasformatorio, artists will share their methods and tactics among each other.
Some activities will be open to the public and the time of visit will be announced through billposting and the network.
The works of Trasformatorio lab will be closed with a formal presentation of the results the 1st of may starting at 11:00 in the Rocca.

All submissions were high in quality and was very hard to choose. We had participation requests from 15 countries.
We chose the following artists to participate in the works of Trasformatorio 2017:

(order of admission)

  1. Irina Baldini (NL/IT) Dancer, Choreographer, Gallerist
  2. Dierk Roosen (NL) Curator, Film Maker, Visual Artist
  3. Martina Caronna (IT) Dancer, Performer
  4. Cristiano Siri (IT) Actor, Performer, Mime
  5. Matteo Re-Harmony (IT) Musician, music therapist
  6. Yara Mekaway (EG) Electronic Musician
  7. Servando Barreiro (ES) Musician, software instrument maker
  8. Jerneja Rebernak (UK/SL) Photographer, visual artist
  9. Tatjana Milosevich  (Serbia) Painter, visual artist
  10. Boris Bogdanovic (Serbia) Ceramist and Sculptor
  11. Azucena Sanchez (MEX) Visual Artist
  12. Jakub Bobrowski (FI/PL) Ecologist
  13. Francesco Franchina (IT) Maker
  14. Nina Divitschek (DE) Costume Designer, Visual Artist
  15. Irene Dominguez (ES) Visual Artist
  16. Almud KREJZA (Austria) Dancer Writer
  17. Tijana Cacich (Serbia) Painter
  18. Antonio Nignux Giudice (IT) Hacker, Multimedia producer

Also present to the works of Trasformatorio will be the following artists:

Emanuela Ravida’ (painter, visual artist, general organiser)
Zoe Romano (Maker, digital fabrication expert,
Rosaria Sfragara (Actress)
Maddalena Fragnito (Hactivist, Social Hacker)
Ninfa Clemente (Actress)
Fausto Casara (Musician, Producer)
Claudio Rinaldi (Musician, Producer)
Guido Gaudioso (Photographer)
Gabriele Asbesto Molesto Zaverio (Hacker, Radio Artist)
Manuela Trovato (Human Hub, Facilitator, Permaculturist)
Eva Polare (Permaculturist)
Andrea Tarda (Architect)

Prof. Haytham Al Nawar (EG) Curator of Cairotronica and expert of contemporary digital art (unconfermed)
Chiara Dona’ Dalle Rose (IT) Curatrice BIAS e artista

Some activities will be organised with the help of our partner organisations and friends.

19/20 April  – Artists will be gathering to Scaletta
20 April  – Presentation of the program and the artists to population and press- Rocca at 11:00 – free entrance
30 April evening – performance presentation in Scaletta Alta
1st of may – wrap up presentation and q&a

NB: Inhabitant of Scaletta are welcome to follow the works in various ways.
Some of the lab activities will be open to public and all creative processes might involve them if they wish.

Federico Bonelli
(Artistic director of Trasformatorio)

for press contact: Giuseppe Morgana — (+39 320 8645367)

============== PROGRAMMA IN ITALIANO ==========
19/20 Aprile – Gli artisti inizieranno ad arrivare a Scaletta dalle 11 nazioni coinvolte
20 Aprile ore 11:00 alla Rocca: presentazione del Laboratorio e dei suoi partecipanti alla popolazione e alla stampa, ingresso libero
30 Aprile tramonto e a proseguire in serata – programma performativo in Scaletta alta
1 Maggio ore 11:30 alla ROcca: – Presentazione dei risultati del laboratorio e risposta alle domande della popolazione –

contatto stampa: Giuseppe Morgana (+39 320 8645367)\