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Trasformatorio 2017 – Francesco Franchina

Memory Distilled – Trasformatorio 2017 Project

Memory Distilled is a Python script that extracts the most used words from a text and places them into a shaped wordcloud.

The concept behind

This project starts in the bosom of the artistic residence of Trasformatorio 2017, to which I was honored to participate.

The main idea was to transform the energies and the resources that we found abundant in Scaletta Zanclea into something to give back.

For days I observed the people, the feelings, the landscapes, the thoughts: an explosion of beauty that was awaking in me lots of forgotten stimuli. Only in the last days, I’ve suddenly realized that the biggest transformation had occurred inside me thanks to the new experiences I was put into: as a project I wanted to distillate my thoughts as the deepest expression of my inner processes.

I keep a diary in which I record my days and thoughts, that was my starting point.

The process

The starting point was given by the things I wrote down in those days. I’ve applied to it algorithms of Natural Language Processing to split the text, to bring back the words to their original lemma (basic form) and to compute the frequencies of usage of every single word.

At this stage, I can deduce which are the most dominant concepts reported in my diary. Through algorithms of Sentiment Analysis, I can assign a different color to the words that belong to the neutral, positive or negative semantic field. When it’s all set I print them onto the shape of the beautiful castle that has hosted us for 10 days.

The result—trasformatorio-2017-project


Where is Francesco?
Photo by Irene Dominguez