Trasformatorio 2021

Pinot Gallizio

In Absentia from Cosio D’Arroscia with the lab.

Today i set myself to listen to the transmission of radio antidoto from the space in front of the old town hall, now a small museum of herbs. Is the most comfortable place i can find to set up my speaker and listen to the lecture from Alba, broadcasted on the radio in real time by Diego Repetto.

The voice of the director of the museum, Bianca Roagna, guided me into this adventurous story of a group of kids set to change the word through art. And about the work of Pinot Gallizio, this “bigger brother”, alchemist, partisan, madman, chemist and expert of flavours and smells…

I found it really very inspiring on many levels and I wanted to publish it here.

The interview to Bianca is in Italian, and you can find it online here as well as on the radio site. The following pictures that illustrate the visit are from Diego Repetto.

Interview with Bianca Roagna while walking through the collection in Alba of the Archive GALLIZIO