Documentation, Progetti/Projects, Trasformatorio 2021

Cosio is a Comma & La Pesca Poetica

Woven with words: the banquet of poetry and a stitched sheet create situations and invite co-creation

I was surprised to find out about Cosio and the Situationists. And I was very impressed by the painting by the meter by Pinot Gallizio.

During In Absentia I imagined site-specific performances linked to poetry, therefore to the word, and to vision. And I started making ‘the sheet of words’, a white sheet on which I embroidered, with invented, unorthodox stitches, some words that emerged, vibrant, during the teleconference meetings with Federico Bonelli,  artists and  inhabitants of Cosio. The first embroidered words were ‘Cosio is a  comma’.

During In Presentia I continued to intercept words, spoken by the inhabitants and artists. Bonelli defined the sheet as ‘a creator of situations’ and so in a morning of warm sun and light embroidering became a sharing between the inhabitants of Cosio and artists. Considerations emerged, on feeling the body, still and concentrated to embroider, reflections on the condition of the woman in the past, forced to remain still, to imprison their time in embroidery, to the sheet as a canvas to express ourselves.

The inhabitants of Cosio further transformed the sheet, making it an installation in the front porch of the Museum of Herbs. 

I had brought with me possibilities, trajectories of work, and when I arrived in Cosio I made real, in addition to the sheet of words, the itinerary of VJ Janus, my technological mask, and the banquet of

Poetry in sound / Poetry in loco / The fishing of poetry. Like a sorceress, I imagined myself in a place in Cosio with poetry books scattered on a table. I ask those who stop if they want to play with poetry, choose a book and tell me a number. 

The number will be the page from which to read a poem that, due to astral conjunctions and synchronicities, will marry something the person is experiencing. And also to draw a poetic card, large playing cards, in which I wrote poems.

And so it happened. Poetry inhabits Cosio, the inhabitants are poets or poetics, in some way. And at the poetry banquet their answers were poetry. And each poem has touched a truth of who has played with it. I loved every moment of sharing in Cosio, with all the artists, the inhabitants and the air of Cosio, and I feel a true and living bond.

Simona Verrusio