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Lumbering Memories

by Sara de Santis

This project is study of the memory.

The memory is seen not as a tool to preserve experiences and emotions, but as an obstacle to the development of the present. According to Greek mythology the birth of memory (Mynemousine) originates from the primordial sin of the son versus the father.

The memory was born to save from shame.
The shame causes pain, the pain needs to be expiated but there is no catharsis.
The memory stagnates fueling the cracks of darkness, the fall without limits, Erebus sine lux.

In the dark abyss tadalafil cialis from india dwell the shame of primordial memory.
The inability to manage the present is born from this kind of memory, the time becomes cyclical and freezes in a moment.

Individuals are “tied” to the past that makes the present anachronistic.

While the surface is pretending an apparent equilibrium, the Erebus surrenders to a stable-unstability.

Through the work on the skeletal system, i discover a naked body, forced by his bones’ and joint’s rhythm: a body that is not scarred to show its stall.


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