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Epi::Akten dark (motion tracking studies)

By Alberto Novello a.k.a. JesterN and Federica Dauri

We used a combination of technologies to create a flexible and transportable low-impact energy motion-tracking system. Through the SenseStage microcontroller boards developed by Marije Baalman at STEIM we can determine the acceleration of joint positions wirelessly. It took couple of days to understand of the accelerometer works and what kind of data is transmitted. How to stabilize/lowpass the data and eliminate jitter. At the end we use modulo of the acceleration in 3directions, so it doesn’t count the direction of the acceleration just its intensity. We finally chose to put one on each arm plus one on the back of the dancer. This choice leaves the legs free to express which seems a good compromise to have a creative output and not just a demo of a system.

The advantage of the SenseStage sensors compared to Kinect and other similar devices is the absence of a camera, thus allowing the possibility of 3d tracking (especially when joints get covered by other body parts). Another advantage is the extended space,we tried with a 30m room with perfect detection side effects of ambien 10 mg and very-low latency. Disadvantage is the estimation of the skeleton relative positions, but we think it’s possible.

Another advantage is the lightness of computation allowing one computer to do all kinds of processing. Which means also less energy impact when used with a solar energy, longer performance durations, transportability etc.

The dancer was inspired by the metaphors of body giving/body receiving in her actions and could construct autonomously several improvisations which were always very creative and different. The aesthetic imposed by the developed technology plays a lot with synchronicity of machine-human action-reaction. Mostly the dancer decides when to trigger sound events but sometimes the unexpected sound trigger the creativity of the dancer which adds a random creative element in the discourse.

We feel the experimentation have big potential and will be further explored in the context of a future performance.

Thanks to STEIM/Marije Baalman for the SenseStage microcontroller boards and Insolaria/Daniele Pisasale for the solar energy system.

You can find other videos of Federica and Alberto’s improvisations¬†in the light version (with Anthoni Rijekoff) here.

Alberto Novello a.k.a. JesterN, scientist, sound designer,composer, audio-visual artists.

Wunderkammer/ La Camera delle Meraviglie

|RE| Wunderkammer, installazione, mixed media, Cappella Palatina, Castello di Montalbano Elicona 2013

|RE| Wunderkammer, installazione, mixed media, Cappella Palatina, Castello di Montalbano Elicona 2013









di RE –

Wunderkammer e’ un’espressione usata nel 1500 dai collezionisti soliti ad assemblare raccolte di oggetti straordinari per le loro caratteristiche fisiche inusuali. Quest’opera ne e’ una rivisitazione che esplora l’aspetto interiore anziche’ fermarsi agli aspetti fisici delle cose.

Suddivisa in 13 cellette, ognuna realizzata in una delle giornate di Trasformatorio. Ogni giorno (e quindi ogni celletta) racchiude la particolarita’ di un concetto specifico; dall’incontro con gli altri partecipanti alla ricerca interiore coincisa con il workshop. Wunderkammer rappresenta un tentativo di ascesa spirituale e il suo eco nel profondo.

by RE –

Wunderkammer generic ambien prices is an expression used in 1500 by collectors who assembled collections of objects they considered extraordinary for their unusual physical characteristics. This work is a remake that explores the inner aspect instead of stopping  at the physical aspects of things.

|RE| Panta Rei

|RE| Panta Rei, dettaglio

It is divided into 13 cells, each made in one of the days of Trasformatorio. Every day (and thus each cell) contains the particularity of a specific concept, from the encounter with the other participants to the inner search that coincided with the workshop. Wunderkammer is an attempt to spiritual ascent and its echo in the depths.


|RE| Wunderkammer, Caos,
foto di Guido Gaudioso


Trasformatorio#0 in 4′


… something about trasformatorio…

from casa faranda
to the castle
meet il maestro
and greet la signora in nero
touch to get in touch
and don’t miss argimusco

g* franziska

… qualcosa sul trasformatorio…

da casa faranda
al castello
incontra il maestro
e saluta la signora in nero
tocca per conoscere
e non perderti l’argimusco