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Featured artist May 2015: Gandolfo Gabriele David


THE GLITCH THING // EXPERIMENT #1 TWO TOWERS is an interactive projection mapping installation that allows the visitor to control the projection by moving his/her arms along with the body in the space in front of the two towers of the Castle of Montalbano, Sicily Italy. The images of the installation are generated in real time by those movements and create a unique and smooth flow of animation for each visitor, transforming him/her into participant and performer. The installation uses 3D sensor and motion analysis to track the visitor’s behavior and transform it into reactive abstract visuals with the help of VVVV. The interactive installation is developed by Antony Raijekov and supported by Trasformatorio #Zero.

Rosa Dei Venti

An installation about the human will to control the god-made elements.

By Alberto Novello a.k.a. JesterN

During the Residency at the Trasformatorio in Montealbano (Sicily), the wind was blowing so much that i wished i could stop it with a simple gesture. So i decided to build an installation in the pitch-dark long corridor of the museum of the castle to recreate the scary atmosphere of a storm at night and allow the visitors to control/play with “the elements”.

In line with the concept of the Trasformatorio, the challenge was how to create a big convincing storm sound and be eco-friendly. Usually big sound requires big expensive equipment in terms of money and energy.

I captured the sound of the wind outside and diffused it through several loudspeakers which were enough to deliver the high what do viagra and cialis do if taken together frequencies of the wind character. I used resonators to make vibrate the walls, windows and metals plates of the castle to generate a bigger, more realistic low thundery sound. Finally i programmed a wireless sensor system (powered by cell phone batteries) to allow the people to control the intensity of the wind with their hands.

The whole system could run on solar energy. During the day a solar panel would charge a car battery and during the night the electricity could power the whole installation: amplifiers, computer and sensors.

Thanks to Daniele Pisasale/Insolaria for the sun energy system and STEIM/Marije Baalman for the SenseStage microcontroller boards.

Alberto Novello a.k.a. JesterN, scientist, sound designer,composer, audio-visual artists.


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Aderenza alla Superficie/ Surface Adherence

di Elena Gidoni.

Le emozioni sono fatte di memoria, si riversano sul presente, inquinandolo di passato.

Ciclica proiezione di bugie.

“Preparare la stanza dove ho proiettato il video e’ diventata un’azione che e’ parte del progetto stesso, esplorando il concetto di patterns emotive e condizionamenti.”



 by ambien anal sex Elena Gidoni.

Emotions are made of memory: the past spilling over the present, in a loop of projections and lies.

“Dressing the room where I placed my installation became part of the project itself, as I was exploring the concept of emotional patterns and conditioning.”
  • Federica Dauri