Documentation, Luoghi/ Places, Trasformatorio 2018

Danza per Giampilieri

In 2018 we got into a great adventure.

The place was Giampilieri, a small village hidden between the sea and the mountain in the metropolitan aarea of Messina, Sicily.
Artists from all over the world, gathered there at the last minute for the Trasformatorio lab had the chance to know the people, the stories, the troubles and the incredible vitality of the village. It has been a great ride.

Tomorrow is going to be a recurrence of 10 years from the tragic events that has filled with sorrow the harts and with scars the landscape.

I am sure there will be time to think and mourne and celebrate. Our friends will be glad to know we stand with them, happy to see now soo many traces of Giampilieri in our work since and of our work in the new directions you all took. The whole village is keeping transforming, with his own colors and energies, and is inimmaginable and moving.

There is a lot of love to share for the living in Giampilieri. And we will make more road together of this we are all sure.

Please accept again, as memory of the part we shared, of the walks, of the sounds, of the stories, of the visions and the laughter, of the tears and the smiles, our biggest hug.

the whole of Trasformatorio

Sept 30 2019