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Taibola strikes back

I was very happy to see on line another nice project by our friends of taibola and this interview to Alex

We are fans!

Waiting for a subtitled version of the interview I am sure our friends will enjoy your new pieces in this great triangular style..

Арт-директор “Сборной Тайболы” художник Александр Менухов рассказывает о росписи “ДК Моряков”, совместном проекте с Домом Молодёжи Архангельской области Арт (с) Taibola Assemble \ Александр Менухов Видео (с) Taibola Assemble \ Игорь Фролов Локация: Дом молодёжи Архангельской области #taibola#taibolaassemble#тайбола#сборнаятайболы#art#mural#александрменухов#dommol29

Radio Antidoto has a website

Hello People,

COVID-19 has not stopped us on our track, has obliged us to go back on old ones…
Radio is a outstanding way to communicate, not only when you listen to it, but when you make some.
We took this and founded radioantidoto, the radio to cure us from poison. Poisons are many. Most of them are made of words, contracts, social given, identity rules.

The radio is open. You want a spot to transmit? Ask and it will be given. You want to listen? Is free, streaming, pirate, uncensored. You only are asked to behave nicely.

Mostly in italian has become our pre-trasformatorio work, and does initiate huge transformation, so the door is open, any participation is relevant and free, the radio flows either you talk or listen.

il sito

RE – Trasformatorio Residency

Flown in from the volcanic center of the Mediterranean to the northern comforts RE is in Amsterdam for the first FORLMAL Trasformatorio residency out of Sicily.

The concept is developed in connection with Hansko Visser, Dierk Roosen and NDSM Treehouse but, since the venue in north of Central Station is a bit late opening, is taking place for now in FBP studio: in Marcusstraat 52.

RE will start exploring and transforming starting out from the themes available in the dying cultural landscape of heavily gentrified Amsterdam, starting from sowers and garbage as a good artist should. So far we attempted the rescue of a huge rat and failed, found a behive of dead bees abandoned below a luxe condo and noted the brand new Lotus parked in its garage.

RE will move at the end of the month to Groningen for a 2 week intensive transformation organised by Hansko Visser named temporarily ” modern icons for the non-saintly, floating” and realise a more complex work for the northern city.

During her work in A-town you can reach her via fredd: consider donations in old windows and good stories.

RE – Artist web site 

The press release is here: REsidency-pers-nl

opening of her exposition in guerrilla gallery “Pilot” on the canal of the Spilsluizen in Groningen will be on Sunday 13th of October, from 15.00 onwards, with live/life-boat- instant-composed-music by carefully selected famous improvisers.

A beautiful gift to the town, to celebrate its last horeca-free zone!(dutch for gentrified leisure) 

We will have bread and wine.

For more information | |

the artist

Selfie of the artist in between two dudes

A secret location

photo by Hansko Visser

Notes on the floaters

photo by Hansko Visser

Radio Trasformatorio feature Radio Submarine from Cairo, tonight 17:00 GMT


As a side event this month we will start a collaboration with Cairo based musician and producer Yara Mekawei.

She is going to broadcast from downtown Cairo her radio program with focus on new african electronic music. Is going to do it using on trasformatorio streaming radio. This is possible thanks to, a long standing service gives to activists and movement radios worldwide from more that 20 years.

You can ear the stream live from on the web or via the trasformatorio app made this year by August Black as a cotribution to the lab, on Android and iOS, just look in the stores with search word “trasformatorio”

Yara was artist in residence in Trasformatorio 2014.


Yara Mekawei

Radio SUBMARINE live on Trasformatorio Radio station
starting August 5th with an Interview with Cairo-based Musician ABADIR

Please join me for one hour every **Sunday at 17:00 GMT**

Live stream
Or download trasformatorio on Google store or trasformatorio app on IOS

For further information regarding the concept and follow up on the program

“Radio Submarine is an online broadcast program that streams around the world live sound art from different cities in Africa. The radio will first stream from Cairo and then move on to other cities. Radio Submarine will be covering different sounds, languages and daily activities that shape the African soundscape. My mission is to create an online radio that will allow the different sounds of Africa to travel to the rest of the world.”

Iterations step 1- Hangar

Some news from next Trasformatorio organization team.
Last week in Barcelona, in the premises of we participated in the first meeting of the EU-project “ITERATIONS”, with a delegation of trasformatorio.
A delegation was (mis)guided by your beloved Federico Bonelli straight from dyne headquarters; other participants were Irene Dominguez traveling from Trondheim, Giuseppe Morgana and Emanuela Ravida’ from Sicily.

Participants shared some insights about the key expectations they share for the project:
  • What are the characters that define an “open art” project,
  • How to pass opens source art projects from one group to another      
  •   Subtramas – 2009 onwards collaborative nature of production of image/movement/artistic research here to share and appreciate 
  • To construct a common language and to evolve on it our capacities and potentials, with no expectations but curiosity.
  • Naia (from ESC) was also very much interested to radical pedagogies in collaborative ways.
A proper report will be published soon on Iterations web site

T 2017: First Program Draft

Trasformatorio 2017 topic will be “situation based street art”.

The program of the lab is designed to establish the ground work’s basics in Scaletta Alta and to lay lines of the surrounding, studying the site in relation to artist’s personal work and to begin transforming it through art interventions. Art interventions will be in the form of plans, of talks, rehearsals and any type of production related groundwork. Everything will be documented. As participants of the Lab Trasformatorio, artists will share their methods and tactics among each other.
Some activities will be open to the public and the time of visit will be announced through billposting and the network.
The works of Trasformatorio lab will be closed with a formal presentation of the results the 1st of may starting at 11:00 in the Rocca.

All submissions were high in quality and was very hard to choose. We had participation requests from 15 countries.
We chose the following artists to participate in the works of Trasformatorio 2017:

(order of admission)

  1. Irina Baldini (NL/IT) Dancer, Choreographer, Gallerist
  2. Dierk Roosen (NL) Curator, Film Maker, Visual Artist
  3. Martina Caronna (IT) Dancer, Performer
  4. Cristiano Siri (IT) Actor, Performer, Mime
  5. Matteo Re-Harmony (IT) Musician, music therapist
  6. Yara Mekaway (EG) Electronic Musician
  7. Servando Barreiro (ES) Musician, software instrument maker
  8. Jerneja Rebernak (UK/SL) Photographer, visual artist
  9. Tatjana Milosevich  (Serbia) Painter, visual artist
  10. Boris Bogdanovic (Serbia) Ceramist and Sculptor
  11. Azucena Sanchez (MEX) Visual Artist
  12. Jakub Bobrowski (FI/PL) Ecologist
  13. Francesco Franchina (IT) Maker
  14. Nina Divitschek (DE) Costume Designer, Visual Artist
  15. Irene Dominguez (ES) Visual Artist
  16. Almud KREJZA (Austria) Dancer Writer
  17. Tijana Cacich (Serbia) Painter
  18. Antonio Nignux Giudice (IT) Hacker, Multimedia producer

Also present to the works of Trasformatorio will be the following artists:

Emanuela Ravida’ (painter, visual artist, general organiser)
Zoe Romano (Maker, digital fabrication expert,
Rosaria Sfragara (Actress)
Maddalena Fragnito (Hactivist, Social Hacker)
Ninfa Clemente (Actress)
Fausto Casara (Musician, Producer)
Claudio Rinaldi (Musician, Producer)
Guido Gaudioso (Photographer)
Gabriele Asbesto Molesto Zaverio (Hacker, Radio Artist)
Manuela Trovato (Human Hub, Facilitator, Permaculturist)
Eva Polare (Permaculturist)
Andrea Tarda (Architect)

Prof. Haytham Al Nawar (EG) Curator of Cairotronica and expert of contemporary digital art (unconfermed)
Chiara Dona’ Dalle Rose (IT) Curatrice BIAS e artista

Some activities will be organised with the help of our partner organisations and friends.

19/20 April  – Artists will be gathering to Scaletta
20 April  – Presentation of the program and the artists to population and press- Rocca at 11:00 – free entrance
30 April evening – performance presentation in Scaletta Alta
1st of may – wrap up presentation and q&a

NB: Inhabitant of Scaletta are welcome to follow the works in various ways.
Some of the lab activities will be open to public and all creative processes might involve them if they wish.

Federico Bonelli
(Artistic director of Trasformatorio)

for press contact: Giuseppe Morgana — (+39 320 8645367)

============== PROGRAMMA IN ITALIANO ==========
19/20 Aprile – Gli artisti inizieranno ad arrivare a Scaletta dalle 11 nazioni coinvolte
20 Aprile ore 11:00 alla Rocca: presentazione del Laboratorio e dei suoi partecipanti alla popolazione e alla stampa, ingresso libero
30 Aprile tramonto e a proseguire in serata – programma performativo in Scaletta alta
1 Maggio ore 11:30 alla ROcca: – Presentazione dei risultati del laboratorio e risposta alle domande della popolazione –

contatto stampa: Giuseppe Morgana (+39 320 8645367)\

Trasformatorio 2017


Third international lab for experimental and site specific arts

April 21st to May 1st 2017

Scaletta Zanclea (ME)

Together with the City of Scaletta Zanclea, in the person of the Assessora Daniela Di Ciuccio and the Cultural Association Siddarte from Milazzo, co-producing, we are proud to announce the third Trasformatorio in Sicily.

What it is?

Trasformatorio is an international laboratory focusing on practices related to site-specific performance. It’s objective is to integrate the practice of the Hacklab with the research over performative arts and sustainability. To do so trasformatorio rely on a integrated approach experimenting with artistic methodologies in a co-design setting, crafted according to a everchanging situation. Since 2016 trasformatorio is part of the experimental research projects hosted by, a international foundation and think (and do) tank based in Amsterdam.

Trasformatorio intends to develop research, production and distribution of performances with innovative technical and artistic contents, envisioning new solutions to integrate sustainable technology in drama and through which viewers are confronted with themselves and the landscape. Shows and performances that can be prepared and delivered in any context, even off the theater and electricity grids. Shows and performances integrate a practice aimed to inclusivity, respecting the environment and human elements that interact with them.

Trasformatorio is reserved to professionals, artists, actors, musicians, designers, architects, set designers, video/film makers, photographers, students of applied arts, theater studies and fine arts. An equal number of spaces are reserved to Sicilian Artists.

The laboratory is held within the territory that explores, in harmony with the human population, the natural ones and the architectonics that hosts him. This edition will be held in Scaletta Zanclea, in conjunction with the local administration that houses us, using the “borgo” and the Castle tower “Rufo Ruffo”.

Why is relevant? Because the languages and topics of performance, when connected at the same time with technological development and the essence human and natural landscape teaches us important lessons about the future we want.

2017 Investigation theme: street play
What is now and is going to be the equivalent of street art? What are the allowed uses of common space, what are the unwritten rules for social engagement and communication? Why in place of a new babylon we have got a fence? Are we all individuals also in the public sphere? What can a hacker learn in this situation from a street artist, and viceversa?

Scope of the lab is to transform what it finds…
As in T#0 we will devote our time and effort in gathering information and contact with our new location and represent it into our cathegories to see what kind of inspiration will take form from living in the ancient town of scaletta and in contact with the inhabitants and their natural and artificial environment.
Designing, implementing and disseminating performances that are inclusive and sustainable, through the design of new entities, the revaluation of existing forms, the devising of situations and ways to live performance, in harmony with the natural and human environment that hosts it. So it will be.

The Location
Scaletta Zanclea (38°02′41″N 15°27′46″E) is a small municipality in the Province of Messina in the Italian region Sicily  about 15 kilometres (9 mi) southwest of Messina. Can be reached easily from Catania International airport with the train. The comune suffered heavily in the mudslides which devastated the area in 2009.[2] 

The splendid site, close to the sea of the Messina’s Strait and sourrounded by the Nebrodi Mountains is rich of historically and etnographic connections that will inspire the artists in their transformations: as an example the medieval feminist story of Macalda di Zanclea, the game of chess, the story of Morgana the Fairy, myth and landscape as you can find hinted into the history of Macalda di Zanclea

See the shared map here: MAP OF SCALETTA

Open Knowledge
The research performed by the Trasformatorio will be documented online and distributed on open licences.
Trasformatorio favours open hardware and software development, freedom of thought and open circulation of ideas. Eventual collaboration works born in Trasformatorio are only required to keep this open access policy and quote trasformatorio in their communication.

Workshops and laboratories:

Application and development of personal skills on site-specific performance.
Trasformatorio ethics is that participants share and co-develop their skills into new ones. So all participants are therefore considered co-producers of the trasformatorio.

This is a research that has to be conducted within an ethic of exchange, responding to the specific environment (= people, history, space, nature) of Scaletta Zanclea.

Technical research on sustainability; joint exploration of tools and techniques that can be used for site-specific media-rich performances and development of found material into performative one within experiemntal dramaturgical lines are the scope of the lab. We aim to help to create techniques to allow a theatrical transformation on site and we are a guest of the community to wich we want to give back.
Research presentations, discussions, speeches, performances and installations can all be the means of dialogue: to create space for this is the scope of this first visit.

The practitioners’ explorations were presented at the end different audiences, in multiple ways, according to the content, character and state of development of ideas and performance material, without any obligation for the participants and will be documented on the site and all possible ways.

Establishing the basics, gathering food and all other material necessities:

On the locations where Trasformatorio was working and living. This very basic practical activity was considered and worked out as one of the means of ‘mapping’ the place. It worked as a key aspect for integrating with the local community and as a simple social glue between participants.

How to apply

Fill in and send your application before 1st March 2017 at
There are 15 places available.

What do we offer

All activities and workshops on site will be free of charge for the selected participants. The city will offer free lodging and food, all the rest will be at your own expenses. Trasformatorio will issue letters of invitation for the selected participants willing to apply for travel grants. The micro economy of the trasformatorio requires involvement, elasticity and patience. Is an experiment, a precious one in itself.


In italian: RADIO INTERVIEW on “Radio Start me Up” by Fabio Bruno (in Italian)
Un laboratorio artistico a cielo aperto: Trasformatorio sta arrivando!

Le Grand Jeu

legrandjeulogo-draftFrom 9 july to 14th, In Macao, Milan, we held a short ẗrasformatorio event to crash design a trnsformator in the form of a table game that we named ¨le grand Jeu¨. The game is about the future of our society.The name of the game refers to the tongue in cheek name given to diplomacy in the 19th century. The secret treaties and aggressive colonialistic policies that brought the world to WWI. The table of the ¨big games¨ that us are in no way able to touch.

Playing the game within a group of people is, we found out, a great way to lay on the table progressive ideas about sustainability, a more robust economy, complementary currencies and renewable energy. Let players familiarise with them, try their own, and test te results in a common way. Moreover is fun.The Game design session has been lead by Federico Bonelli with the participation of Raffaella Ravida from Copenhagen Instituut for Interaction Design and Marco Sachy, expert in digital currencies ( and Maddalena Fagnito, art director and activist from Macao. The game design own its shape to bravery of all players and fellow artists participating to the design sesisons and sharing points of view and ideas. Locally produced with bravery by the Macao team and Emanuele Braga.

Artists and activists joined in to test the game every day, allowing us to prototype six different iteration of the table game design in only 3 days.

I am also proud to mention the collaboration with, a spacious and gracious maker space in Milan, and the gracious permission from to use one of their prototypes we saw hanging in wemake. This made possible the fantastic look of the game designed. For the first ever ¨le grand jeu” big match , held thursday in the big hall in Macao, 3 tables competed with standard rules getting to incredibly funny (end enlighting) results.

We absolutely don need a grand jeu coming from above, the real one is made by the sum of our smaller one. Or, at least, this is the actual working hipothesis.

Join in the jeu, for now on facebook and very soon in a play group next to you 🙂

Short: A table game allows to set a situation where concepts emerge from doing, players are by default considered as peers, become stakeholders of their local community. In the game were we can simulate different conditions and let behaviors emerge to get immediate feedback from the game environment. In a game all languages intermix, specialist terminology has to be translate, and stories emerge naturally. Stories are better than user journeys, they admit variations, link with personality traits and get nuances from situation to situation, they are to be told later, selected by memory and can be analyzed with calm, can lead to new ideas and designs.

An interesting historical precedent to this approach is included in the genesis of the world famous counterpart of Le Grand Jeu, MONOPOLI. Monopoli, that has tought traditional forms of capitalism to children since the ´30es had been originally developed to demonstrate the feasibility of socialist and progressive doctrines of Tureau by a woman, Elisabeth Phillips that patented it in 1903.

In the heart of Palermo

A New node of a growing Network

We are very happy to give space here to the news of the birth of a very interesting new project in the City of Palermo, connected to our spring activities by the participation of Andrea Kantos to the trasformatorio#1.

Dimora OZ is opening up to the world in style, and I am sure more collaborations and ideas will spur from this new center. Something is already boiling in the big pan…

So, let’s hear what they have to say about themselves and about their program. Opening is the 17th of July, all informations can be found here: on the facebook page. If you are in the area dont miss it!

big hup o/

On July 14, opens in Palermo Dimora Oz, one permanent laboratory for the visual arts and performance.

The project was born in the rooms of Palazzo Barlotta, where the mecenate Roberto Bilotti Ruggi d’Aragona have supported as he did in the past the artists.
The core of the project is the button coworking area, which houses a Kantos Andrea, Andrea Mineo, Alessandro Giglio, Claudia Di Gangi, Gabriel David Gandolfo, Nike Pirrone, Patrycja Stefanek, while Valentina Parlato are planned for 2014 collaborations with Federico Bonelli, Desideria Burgio, Vincenzo Amenduni, Precarie Editions, Rizma.

At the same time open to the public Oz House launches the first annual workshop: Origins. The workshop will be a reflection on the causal nodes subjective and collective identity, due to practical and relational positions; a “radical” is not intended as a look at the past (culture, styles, or historical processes), but as an inner revolution in the causal processes in which we are connected to the world, and somehow making sure that the latter will prove to be the space of awareness.
The laboratory Origins opens with the presentation of six works: Spare parts Alessandro Giglio, Axis Mundi Gandolfo David Gabriel, Dance Afford Claudia Di Gangi, Shockways Patrycja Stefanek In Your Future by Nike and Pirrone Nowadays, Palermo, July 16th 2014 Valentina Parlato.
Origins is a project on urban and cultural mythologies, the precarious state of things and the desire to pursue an artistic reflection that it is not merely self-referential but a cultural experience of a community that has the need for resources and suggestions. Dimora Oz is a project of placemaking, fits into the recontextualization of spaces making them active and dynamic cultural centers. The form of inquiry into the origins, it is often diverted one way on the past, while Origins, in the sense of relation, causality and determination, open aspects on the present and focus on specific problems and contexts The most modern and repeated.

OZ is an interdisciplinary laboratory dwelling, divided into design spaces: Co-working, Performance Space, Black Room, Living Expo, OZSelect and a laboratory of Green Design (with a hydroponic vegetable garden).

Il 14 luglio apre a Palermo Dimora Oz, uno laboratorio permanente di arti visuali e performance.

Il progetto nasce nelle stanze di Palazzo Barlotta, dove Il progetto nasce nelle stanze di Palazzo Barlotta, dove il mecenate e operatore culturale Roberto Bilotti Ruggi d’Aragona ha supportato – così come accaduto in passato – gli artisti presenti nello spazio.

Il nucleo pulsante del progetto è l’area coworking, che accoglie al suo interno Andrea Kantos, Andrea Mineo, Alessandro Giglio, Claudia Di Gangi, Gandolfo Gabriele David, Nike Pirrone, Patrycja Stefanek, Valentina Parlato mentre sono previste per il 2014 collaborazioni con Federico Bonelli, Desideria Burgio, Vincenzo Amenduni, Edizioni Precarie, Rizma.

Contemporaneamente all’apertura al pubblico Dimora Oz lancia il primo laboratorio annuale: Origini. Il laboratorio sarà una riflessione sui nodi causali dell’identità soggettiva e collettiva, determinata da pratiche e posizioni relazionali; una “radicalità” non intesa come sguardo al passato (cultura, stilemi o processi storici), ma come rivoluzione interiore nei processi causali che ci vedono connessi al mondo, e in qualche modo facendo si che quest’ultimo si riveli come spazio di consapevolezza.
Il laboratorio Origini apre con la presentazione di sei lavori: Pezzi di Parti di Alessandro Giglio, Axis Mundi di Gandolfo Gabriele David, Afford Dance di Claudia Di Gangi, Shockways di Patrycja Stefanek, In Your Future di Nike Pirrone e Nowadays, Palermo, 16 luglio 2014 di Valentina Parlato.
Origini è un progetto sulle mitologie urbane e culturali, sullo stato precario delle cose e sulla volontà di portare avanti una riflessione artistica che non sia meramente autoreferenziale ma un’esperienza culturale di una comunità che ha necessità di risorse e suggestioni. Dimora Oz è un progetto di placemaking, si inserisce nella ricontestualizzazione degli spazi rendendoli centri culturali attivi e dinamici. La forma d’indagine sulle origini, spesso viene dirottata a senso unico sul passato, mentre Origini, nel senso di relazione, causalità e determinazione, apre aspetti sul presente e focus specifici su problemi e contesti attualissimi e reiterati.

Dimora OZ è un laboratorio interdisciplinare, diviso in spazi progettuali: Co-working, Spazio Performance, Black Room, Zona Expò, OZSelect e un laboratorio di Green Design (con un orto idroponico).

follow up #0_
Fascinate Conference & Showcase 2013 – Falmouth University
several artists of Trasformatorio partecipeted to this festival: Emanuel andel;M. Eugenia Demeglio; Sara De Santis; Alberto Novello; Antoni Raizhekof

Federica Dauri collaboration with Guido Gaudioso during transformatorio has give as output a series of pictures that Guido is actively showing around. Same thing for a collaboration with Emanuela Ravida’. Emanuela has done some more site-specific work in the former prison of Rometta in June. We plan to get together again in Siracusa for some collective work in january/february.

Alberto has continued in the summer the work with Federica and Antony they started in Montalbano, with a residency in Amsterdam (STEIM and DANSMAKER).

Emanuel and Sara have worked together again in Wien and Italy, and Sara’s movement has been recently digitized in Frankfurt for a project called “the motion bank”.

Federico has given presentations of the work done at STEIM in Amsterdam (june), in Oslo and in Bergen during Piksel 13. He has kept collaborating with most of the artists involved, in particular with Federica Dauri, Alberto Novello, Elles and Sara.
His work has also given rise to a first output  in Utrecht with the Roodnot group in a small setup work called “in absentia” together with Sara and Kirsten for the “roondtafel” in November.

write to me your follow-up montalbano-related experiences and I will post them here!
federico (guess)